A Mom with a Plan

After working with Wisconsin Works for only a few months, Victoria is thrilled to have a great job, a happy daughter, and a plan for the future.

Victoria says that W-2 changed her life from A-Z. “I just needed help,” she says. “I knew I had the ambition but needed resources to get started.” Victoria’s work search was having trouble getting off the ground, and taking the bus in winter with a 2-year old was just as difficult as it sounds. This all changed when she joined Wisconsin Works. She sat down one-on-one with a career counselor who helped her create a savings plan, secure daycare for her daughter, and prioritize day-to-day activities. She finally had the time she needed to look for stable employment.

“Anything I needed, they helped with,” says Victoria. “Vouchers for work clothes, bus passes, and just someone to discuss issues with when that’s what I needed. I can’t thank them all enough!” Wisconsin Works staff got Victoria the lucky break she needed when they learned about an opening at a local candy store. She knocked the interview out of the park and started her new job right away.

Today, Victoria’s family is doing better than ever. “I love my life! I have a job that I love where I am valued and appreciated. My daughter is happy with me! And I am progressing towards our own house. I couldn’t ask for much more in a few months time.” Congratulations, Victoria!