A New Journey

They say every journey begins with one step. Jo has taken some mighty big ones lately to put herself on track for a rewarding career.

However, that first step is often the hardest. Jo said she was out of work and didn’t know where to start. While she was determined not to give up on herself, it was also very hard to ask for help. She found that strength and enrolled in a program at Forward Service Corporation. She’d had enough of jobs without a future and quickly learned that a medical career is a natural fit for her.

As a personal caregiver, she now has the best of both worlds. She has steady income and work, while she’s also getting valuable, hands-on experience working with patients. This all fits into her plan of going back to school to become a LPN, buying her own house, and taking care of a family. Looking back now, Jo gives a big shout-out to Meghan for never giving up on her and helping her reach her goals.

Congratulations Jo. This isn’t journey’s end – just the next stage. Keep us posted on your success.

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