A reputation for the Best

Brandon advises anyone interested in construction to remember that “Your reputation begins in the classroom!” Construction is a small world, meaning that names get around fast. That’s also why a recommendation from our TrANS Coordinator Lorie carries so much weight. When she tells contractors about student with everything it takes, they know it’s true. Brandon’s worked hard to build a reputation for hard work and respect, and it’s paid off big in this life-changing industry.

“I have excellent credit scores. I purchased a house. I have eliminated my $30K debt, and I have no stress about finances,” Brandon states. Before starting TrANS construction training, Brandon “lived off everyone I knew because I couldn’t make a go of things, so my self-esteem and self-worth were low,” he explains. He was broke, unemployed, and depressed — until TrANS gave him the chance to prove himself. He pushed himself to the max from the first day of training and was rewarded with a career that made all the difference.

“This job has meant everything to me,” he insists. Brandon was hired by Zignego Company just a few weeks after graduating. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his first paychecks and says he knew “then and there that a career in construction was the right path for me.” After four years there, he accepted an offer from Zenith Tech – A Walbec Group Company. He’s in the union and is working through his apprenticeship. “It has changed my life completely around,” he says, adding that “It’s hard to put into words. I’ve grown up.”

Congratulations, Brandon!