Adam Scores a Goal

Adam | Client Spotlight

In some sports, it’s not just about scoring goals, it’s about knowing when and how to take the shot. Adam has a background in professional sports and coaching, so he knows a thing or two about sizing up a situation and the power of teamwork. His work ethic shows the power of not giving up.


Like many, Adam was impacted drastically by the COVID-19 pandemic. He had been laid off and was doing odd jobs to make ends meet. What’s more, he had been struck with a health issue that made financial self-sufficiency difficult.

He began his job search, but often felt like he was “spinning wheels”. He knew he had to fight to find a job; one that wouldn’t only pay the bills, but one that he could build a career on and that would make him happy. With the help of Madison Ministry and Urban Triage, he approached Forward Service Corporation (FSC) to take advantage of our services.

Training Montage

When Adam arrived at FSC, Adam met with Colette Alexander, an FSC Case Manager, and introduced him to the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program where she encouraged him to enroll. There, he would gain access to employment training benefits as well as assistance to help him sustain himself while looking for a job.

As soon as he enrolled, Adam began work with the FSET team lead, Jasmine Holt. They spoke about his goals and dreams. He identified wanting to take care of himself on every level: physical health, healthy relationships with friends and family, and land a full-time position in landscaping or the food industry.

While they began searching for new career opportunities, Adam received transportation assistance in the form of gas vouchers in order to get to job interviews. Since he was between jobs, he also received rent assistance while he was actively job seeking, and financial assistance and mentoring to help him continue to make the right choices for his life and career goals.

A Team Player

“Adam realizes the power of asking for help,” Colette says. “He is not afraid to hold off for the right opportunity.”

Adam received many job offers, but knew that he had to overcome a benefits cliff to become self-sustaining. Eventually, an opportunity arose at a company who focuses on bicycling. It provides him with full-time employment so he can be self-sustaining, the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life, encourages him to lead a healthy lifestyle, and have a positive effect on his community.

Adam compares his time in FSET to that of a lotus flower: “It starts out growing through the muck to become something beautiful.”

Adam benefitted from the following programs

FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET)