Amanda Accepts No Substitute

Amanda graduated from college a year into the pandemic. With the ongoing stresses of political and social unrest, it seemed like a good time to have a double major in psychology and social work. But there was one big problem: childcare was practically non-existent.

Suddenly, a flexible schedule mattered more than ever. Amanda knew exactly what to do. She joined Wisconsin Works (W-2) to streamline her path to a new career.

A Goal With a Plan

Amanda has been raising her son on her own, pushing herself to graduate college while providing a loving home. She wasn’t about to let COVID stop her from putting her degree to good use. Before joining W-2, she already had a plan. Becoming a substitute teacher would provide the flexible schedule she needed now while setting her up for a long-term career in social work.

W-2 offered education assistance by helping her pay for a substitute teaching certification. She also needed specific experiences to earn her license, so Amanda’s case manager helped her find an internship at the courthouse and a volunteer opportunity at Rodney’s Meals. Then Amanda worked with her team to hone in on the job: she practiced interviewing, crafted a resume, and networked with the school district.

A Job-Search Well Done

Before long, Amanda had her license in-hand, a full-time substitute teaching position, and the afterglow of relief. Amanda can’t help but feel fulfilled knowing that her family is financially stable, and she is using her degree to help others. She hopes to become a guidance counselor or social worker and is already saving to return to school to begin her master’s in social work.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Amanda benefitted from the following programs: