Bianca’s Sky Has No Limit

Working and being a mother, Bianca was busy and doing enough to get by, but she soon realized that she and her children deserved more. She knew more schooling and training would get her the career that would support her family and create a foundation to achieve her dreams. She reached out to Forward Service Corporation (FSC) where she could get the support she needed.

Knowing Where To Turn

Bianca came to our office and met with FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) Case Manager, Kayla. They talked about Bianca’s dreams and developed a strategic plan to achieve her goals. Having been previously enrolled in the Wisconsin Works (W2) program, Bianca knew it would take a bit of work and commitment but that so many possibilities out there were waiting for her.

There were many challenges ahead of Bianca. With many other things needing her time and attention, she was thankful for the support of her case manager who helped her focus and empowered her to accomplish anything. This support boosted her self-esteem and gave her space to turn her energy into positive actions toward her goals.

Bianca benefited from gas vouchers and one of FSET’s employment training programs. Through the training, she was able to get through the schooling she needed to start a career in health care. With the support of the program and the encouragement from her case manager, Bianca was on her way to success.

A New Life Hack

During her journey with FSC, Bianca learned a lot about herself. She learned that positivity and persistence could help her finally find stability. “Stability in all areas is what makes your success easier,” Bianca says. Working with her FSET Case Manager Kayla, she was able to get the stability and encouragement she needed to achieve success.

Since completing her time with FSET, Bianca now has a new outlook. “I will not let anything stop me from reaching my goals” she says. With hard work, she completed her schooling and training, and landed a successful and fulfilling career as a caregiver in a group home.

What is next for Bianca’s future? Bianca has her sights set high. She wants to own her own business one day. With the skills she learned with FSC and the FSET program that goal is now much more obtainable. “Sky is the limit,” Bianca says.  “Never give up on your goals.”

Congratulations, Bianca! We are so proud of you.

Bianca benefitted from the following programs: