Brianna and River’s Success

Parents Brianna and River want what’s best for their daughter. That’s why they came to us for support finding careers that would enable them to provide the best for her.

Brianna needed some help finding a career that was right for her. She knew she wanted to work with children, so her case manager suggested she apply at the local YMCA. For a while she was working 2 jobs- one at the YMCA and one at Kathy’s Hip-Hop Diner. She loved them both, but was looking to just have one job so she could focus on her family.

She had a few offers to work in different childcare positions, but she ultimately chose to stay at Kathy’s Hip-Hop Diner because she loves her team! She plans to go back into childcare eventually, but for now is enjoying her job and time with family.

River has also enrolled in FSET where he got support finding a job that would fit in with his needs and could offer him a good work/life balance. With a lot of hard work, River and Brianna both found employment that met their needs.

Congratulations to Brianna and River! We can’t wait to see you keep reaching your goals!