Changes Worth Making

Moving from rural Wisconsin to the city of Oshkosh was a big change for Jamie, but she knew that’s where her family could find a future. Today, she’s happy she started this change by reaching out to FSC. She now has a good job and high hopes for the kind of future she’ll be able to provide.

The first thing Jamie wanted to do was learn about her options. She started by enrolling in Wisconsin Works and FSET. Right away, they opened the door by discussing her interests and finding a volunteer experience at the Waushara County Historical Society where she could learn and grow. Jamie’s team encouraged her to apply for work and showed her how this volunteer work could make her stand out to employers. The extra support “gave me the push and tools I needed,” says Jamie.

It didn’t take long before she was hired at the Holiday Inn! At long last, “I am able to make all my payments I need to,” Jamie tells us. She’s thrilled to be able to provide for her family, but she’s even more excited about the new path she’s taking. Jamie plans to work up to full-time, earn her GED, and show her family that their change was worth it!