David’s Dream

David had just moved into his own apartment. It was great, but to fulfill his dream of independence, he needed one more thing: his own car. Just two problems: he’d just had foot surgery, and COVID-19 just closed a lot of options. Thanks to his perseverance and remote support from WETAP, though, David will be returning to work next week in a shiny, red Honda Accord!

While David was already on reduced hours because of his foot, he decided to use the extra time to find a way to get off the bus line. Simply put, the long commute had gotten old. When David learned that he could get a no-interest vehicle loan through WETAP, he was eager to apply.

“Although I was not able to meet David because of the Safer at Home order, we connected almost daily through emails, phone calls, and faxes,” says Kim, David’s Mobility Manager. Even though the pandemic has complicated how she connects with participants, Kim has been encouraged by their drive to push forward throughout it all.

Together, they applied, found a safe vehicle, and set up his budget so David could keep his dream alive. When asked about his future, David sent Kim these pictures of his new ride and said “No more buses! Thank you, Kim!”

Congratulations, David!