Dawn’s Fresh Beginning

Dawn was a busy mom who was moving up – she had a good job, and she was finishing her bachelor’s degree. Then suddenly, her health took a big hit. It’s an all-too familiar story. Her health kept her from working, and the medicals bills started piling up. She wondered if she could support her daughter, let alone afford tuition. Thankfully, her story turned for the better in a way that’s familiar here at FSC.
Dawn joined our Wisconsin Works program to sustain her family and work through her health setback. Dawn found emotional and financial support as she prepared for work and found a career path. She even started online training to supplement her formal schooling.
Thankfully, as her career training progressed, so did her health. Dawn now feels completely recovered and was offered a “fresh beginning” as a full-time Event Planner with the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church.
She’s excited to get started in this field and to be able to provide for her family. She hopes to pursue this career as her calling to help others.
Congratulations, Dawn!