Elizabeth Drives To Success

As parents, we want to be someone that our kids look up to. Elizabeth did just that. She was a mother of three looking to be the role model for her children and show them to never give up on your dream. She had recently moved her family to Wisconsin from Michigan for a very promising job at friend’s Trucking company who was holding a position for her while she got her family settled in their new home.

Elizabeth started off working in the office, taking phone calls and assisting customers. However, she found herself most days dreaming of being out on the open road and becoming a truck driver. She had already completed her DOT physical and passed the written test. All she needed was to go to school and earn her Commercial Driver’s License, but it was an extra cost she couldn’t afford at the moment. She was stuck at a standstill, but she knew there had to be away through it.

Being new to Wisconsin, Elizabeth was hopeful that her new community had to resources to make her dream a reality. After talking with her employer and exploring other options online, she found us.

With her dream finally taking the front seat, Elizabeth found herself at the doors of our Winnebago office, where she met Morgan, her new Case Manager. After sharing her dream and her determined plans, Morgan enrolled Elizabeth into our FoodShare Employment Training (FSET) program where she could receive some assistance with tuition for school. The rest was up to Elizabeth. She quickly started her research on the CDL schools in the area.

They soon found the perfect school with a great CDL trucking program at Sabertooth Commercial Driver Training Institute (a Driving School in Waupaca). Once she enrolled, Elizabeth put her wheels into motion and focused on completing the program. She attended all of her classes, studied hard, and with no surprise, earned her CDL with flying colors.

Elizabeth is now driving the snowplow truck with the hopes that, once she gets more driving hours under her belt, she will be able to drive a semitruck. She is always working extra hours to get in any practice time she can so she can continue to get promoted at work.

As for the future, she would like to find a driving position where she is able to be on the road during the day and come home to her family every night.

Elizabeth would like to personally thank her Case Manager, Morgan, who encouraged her to never give up, held her accountable each week by checking in, provided her positive affirmations and always allowed her to feel supported throughout her entire time in the program. “I have never really had that in my life and it feels great to know my case manager truly cares”, says Elizabeth.


Congratulations, Elizabeth! Your drive is something truly special and we hope you keep trucking on.

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