Empowered to be Different

When Amber tells people she’s in construction, they’re always surprised to hear that she’s got one of the dirtier jobs. She drives a tack truck, a heavy vehicle that sprays sticky goop onto roads to prime them for asphalt. We wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of the workers who replaced machinery parts on the construction equipment with Costex Tractor Parts and other types of supplies. For Amber, though, the challenge is more than worth it.

“Even as exhausting and difficult [as] the work is, this job has saved me,” says Amber. “I have a lot more confidence. I feel better about who I am. This makes me a better mother, which makes me a better person.”

Before, Amber was a single mom driven to get a better life for her family. “I was stressed, worn out, and feeling beaten down,” she says. “I needed something that would bring me stability and financially help me.” She earned her commercial driver license, but Amber didn’t realize that construction was the opportunity she needed, until her instructors at Tucker’s Truck Driving Academy told her about TrANS.

“TrANS was something different; it offered me something different. Working in road construction, it allows me to be a part of something bigger,” says Amber. She comes home to her child each day with a smile on her face, knowing that “I’m doing something for my community, where I live. I am working on a project that is only a few minutes from my home.”

Since joining TrANS, Amber says she feels both more competent and confident than ever. After just five days on the job, Amber was offered the coveted opportunity to drive a tack truck. “I love it!! I know it is unusual that I work in road construction; that is very empowering. Now since I know I can do this, I want the biggest, baddest jobs out there. I want to prove to others, and to myself, that I can be more than some people thought I would be.”

You go, girl! Congratulations, Amber!!