Erin Keeps Her Family Safe

Erin Keeps Her Family Safe

Erin’s journey is a testament to the resilience and strength that individuals can muster in the face of adversity. Her story begins with a heart-wrenching discovery that led to a complete upheaval of her life. Married straight out of high school and dedicated to raising five children as a stay-at-home mom, Erin had no work experience when crisis struck. The revelation of abuse within her family left her feeling hopeless, fearing homelessness and financial ruin.

However, Erin’s story is not one of despair, but of empowerment and community support. With the guidance of her case manager, Erin embarked on a transformative journey with our Wisconsin Works program, helping her build skills and start a career path to support her family.

Through W-2, Erin found a valuable work experience opportunity through Meals on Wheels, a program that not only provided her with practical skills but also a stepping stone to further opportunities. The assistance she received in finding childcare, supported by state aid, allowed her to pursue these opportunities without the burden of worrying about her children’s well-being.

The support from domestic violence counselors played a crucial role in Erin’s path to independence and success. Through weekly sessions, Erin and her family received the necessary tools and guidance to navigate their new reality. This comprehensive support system, including counseling, mentorship, and practical work experience, fostered Erin’s self-confidence and helped her break free from isolation.

Erin’s transformation over four months is remarkable. From a position of vulnerability, she has moved to one of strength and autonomy. Her part-time role as an administrative assistant is not just a job; it’s a symbol of her newfound independence and a building block for her future. The skills she is acquiring are more than just professional; they are life skills that will support her and her family’s journey towards a safe and stable life.

Looking ahead, Erin’s prospects are bright. The promise of a full-time position within the next six months is a significant milestone, reflecting her dedication and the positive impact of the support she has received. Her story is a powerful example of how, with the right support and personal determination, it is possible to overcome even the most challenging circumstances and create a safe, loving environment for oneself and one’s family.

Erin is not just surviving; she is thriving, breaking the cycle of abuse, and paving the way for a brighter future for her children. Her story is one of hope, courage, and the power of community.

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