Family Man with a Plan

When we first met Brett, he told us a story about grocery shopping with his young son. Walking down the aisle,  his son asked for a bag of chips, like all kids do. Brett had to explain that they couldn’t afford them right now. This quickly served as a turning point in Brett’s life and he soon signed up for Wisconsin Works and FSET to get a good job. Today, he’s thrilled that he can provide all his family needs and even treat his son to a bag of chips once in a while!

Brett wanted to get back to work right away, so his team helped him find a volunteer opportunity at a local food pantry. Brett knew that he was an important part of the pantry’s operations and grew more confident each day. He loved going home and telling his family about how he got the nickname “Potato” because he was strong enough to move the potato bags around.

To grow his job prospects, Brett decided to learn more about manufacturing and conquer his fear of interviewing. Brett was a superstar in a manufacturing training course, spending extra time researching the tools they discussed and working on his math every week. He practiced interviews with staff before going home to practice with his friends and family. Before long, he was ready for the job fair. Working with the FSC team, this job fair quickly turned into a job offer – and now work.

Three weeks later, Brett came into the Job Center with an energy we’d never seen before. He was so excited about his job that he could not stop talking. He spoke of his job, how much he is learning, the praise he gets from his supervisors, and most importantly, the great changes he has made for his family. He says that it’s the best job he’s ever had, “the pay is pretty darn good.”

Congratulations, Brett!