Get Connected! Government launches discounted internet program

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Many Americans have struggled to get high-speed internet access throughout the pandemic. If you’re one of them, you know how hard that makes it to get anything done these days – including finding a good job. The internet is an integral part of our lives and near enough every business has gone digital in some way with employees needing a good internet connection to fit in with their job, whether it is an on-site position or a work from home position.

Not only that, but more and more people are getting things like the nordvpn to give themselves a little bit of extra security when browsing the internet. Internet security is going to be especially important for those working from home, as they may find themselves dealing with sensitive data over their home network, which may not have all the security tools and solutions that their work network does. You have to be mindful of speeds when using a VPN though. A lot of VPN services, especially free ones, can lower your internet speeds to a crawl, so it is wise to always use speed testing services such as ‘test my speed‘ and others like it to make sure you’re not getting shortchanged on the fast connectivity. Or you could make sure to get premium VPN services that guarantee fast speed regardless of which server you’re using.

When it comes to finding fast, reliable internet, there are many providers out there that people can look through. Many IP services have a speed monopoly depending on where you’re availing them. For instance, buckeye broadband internet may be a safe bet for those who live in and around Ohio and Michigan. Other states have great broadband providers too, but it requires as much help as possible to find them.

It is important that people adapt to the internet, especially if they want to do practically anything nowadays as businesses, entrepreneurs, etc. are using the internet to connect and promote. Whilst for some this can be hard to get their heads around, just looking at the history of internet browsers and how things have changed over the years goes to show the differences that people have had to embrace and are still embracing.

Last year, we found solutions through grants that helped us purchase take-home computers and mobile hotspots for our clients. Now, the Federal Communications Commission is responding with a new initiative which provides discounted internet service to eligible households.

It’s called the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, and you can apply starting on May 12. But first, here are a few highlights that show why it might be worth your time:

  • Participating households will receive a discount of up to $50 per month, or $75 on Tribal Land.
  • The discount will be paid directly to the internet service provider on behalf of the household.
  • One benefit is allowed per household, but only one member of the household needs to meet the federal eligibility requirements, which all revolve around showing that you’re low-income.
  • Additionally, households that qualify may be eligible to receive up to $100 off the purchase of a laptop, desktop, or tablet, if their provider offers this benefit.

You can get started by visiting You can fill out an online application or download and print an application to send through the mail once you’re there. You can also use their “Companies Near Me” tool to learn whether to apply directly through your service provider.