Gov. Walker Celebrates FSET

Governor Scott Walker joined Forward Service Corporation on April 20th to mark the first anniversary celebration of the FSET program at the Bay Central Job Center in Green Bay.  The FoodShare Employment and Training program launched last year and gives out-of-work Wisconsinites a chance “to live their piece of the American dream,” said Walker as he thanked the FSC staff for their hard work in making this possible.

FSET provides job-training for people on FoodShare, helping them find work, while also helping local businesses fill their positions with qualified and eager employees. According to the Walker administration almost 12,000 program participants found jobs in the program’s first year. “Services provided by this job training program are now consistent across the state, which makes coordination with local employers easier and results in more jobs, better work experience opportunities, and stronger communities,” he added. “We’re providing job-training for people who previously needed assistance from the government,” he concluded, and “we’re making it easier to get a job.”

Representatives from Locate Staffing, Bay Valley Foods, and St. Vincent de Paul joined us to celebrate, along with numerous FSC and Job Center staff members and two guests of honor who have recently found work through the FSET program: Josh and Nicholas. “I got to meet the governor today, and I start work tomorrow,” Nicholas said afterward, “it’s a great day!” Thank you to all of our staff and the companies we work with who help make our customers’ dreams of employment into reality and to Governor Walker for visiting us.