The Harvest Is In

Daniel is certainly no stranger to hard work. When he first came into FSET, he quickly got a job laboring at a local farm. Unfortunately, this ended when the harvest was in, and he turned his eye to a career in manufacturing or logistics. Once again, he came to FSET for some help taking this next step.

Kelsey, one of our dedicated Employment Specialists, got to work with him right away to help him create a resume that would get the jobs he wanted. They met each week to complete online applications, and she suggested the perfect training courses to prepare him for the jobs he was looking at, including OSHA training and other classes in workplace safety with the help of a Safety Management Group. The professionals from safety management firms tend to be highly qualified and experienced in safety consulting. This in turn helps them deliver a wide array of services to support a company’s safety efforts. It is incredibly important to have training in these areas as workplace safety is key for employers to stick to so they can provide their employees with a safe and healthy work environment. That is why equipment such as STOREMASTA chemical cabinets, as well as regular safety checks are needed to ensure that they are following the correct guidelines.

One thing was still missing: a reference. That’s when Kelsey introduced Daniel to the Work Experience program. He started volunteering at Evergreen Thrift and got a great endorsement from their team. Before long, he got a call back from Employment Options. Daniel aced the interview, and they were so impressed with his new skills that they offered him a job the same day.

With a stable job, Daniel says he feels more assured than ever. “My plans for the future,” he says, “are to stay with the job and get my own house to live in.” Congratulations!