Jeremy’s Success

 “Before starting the TrANS program, I was going to college on a basketball scholarship,” says Jeremy. He’s nineteen years old and was feeling good about his prospects, until the pandemic threw everything on its head. “The college closed permanently after COVID-19 escalated, and other colleges were too expensive,” Jeremy tells us. He moved back in with his parents and struggled to build the foundation for a successful career. Jeremy’s world didn’t turn right-side-up again until he started TrANS.

Jeremy excelled in the six-week training course, ranking number one in his class. His instructor Ranard gives Jeremy high praise for being an “outstanding young leader who impressed me with his willingness to help his peers, many of whom were much older than him.” Jeremy graduated in December and quickly started his first construction job with Payne and Dolan.

“Since I landed the job as a Quality Control Field Technician, I’ve been happy to go to work,” says Jeremy. “I started making more money than I thought I would be able to at 19-years-old. Countless friends and family members that I hadn’t heard from in years reached out to congratulate me and say how proud they are. I finally have my own home, and I started going to church regularly. I’m genuinely more happy since I started TrANS.”

Jeremy states that this job means as much to him as any basketball team he was on. His teammates encourage each other’s success, and Jeremy says that “I’m passionate about my job because it gave me a way to win and have a purpose… I’m thankful every day that I wake up knowing I have a role at work and a future to work towards.”

Congratulations, Jeremy!!