Keysha Finds Her Way Home

Keysha | FSET Participant

Homelessness is an experience that is hard to navigate away from without assistance. For one participant, the determination to change was of the utmost importance, and she made every effort to “find her way home.” However, it’s always a little easier with the support of others to get back on the right road.

Home Away from Home

Keysha was referred to the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program from Capital Consortium to help with some of her obstacles. She was experiencing homelessness and needed assistance with transportation and food. These issues made it difficult to manage life, let alone seek meaningful employment.

However, she was introduced to her FSET case manager, Cory Roloff, and things began to change.

“From the start my involvement with the FSET program, Cory was quick to reach out to me, assuring me that I knew I was welcomed and well-informed of all that the FSET program had to offer,” Keysha says.

Thank You for Being a Friend

Together, they identified her immediate needs and long-term goals. Then, using the Transition to Success workbook, they laid out a path toward the goals Keysha wanted to accomplish. For her immediate needs, Keysha needed rental assistance, improving some professional skills, computer access, and help with the job search. For long-term goals, she wanted to finally obtain financial security to support herself.

FSET was able to provide all of that and more. Keysha received vouchers for bus passes and clothing for job interviews. She enrolled in courses on interviewing, financial coaching, and Cory offered support through conversations about time management, organizational skills, and professionalism in the workplace.

Meanwhile, every week they worked toward finding the right job that would help her over the gap toward self-sufficiency. This required a lot of hard work on Keysha’s part, supported by Cory’s weekly help with finding new opportunities.

“I am grateful for all of the time, effort, and kindness that [Cory] has poured into the positive development of my life through helpful and empathetic phone conversations, weekly updates, and offering herself as a professional job reference for me. And simply being a friend and laughing with me.”

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

The hard work paid off when Keysha finally landed a position that she wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. She’s well on her way to affording reliable transportation and identifying new goals.

“This participant is amazing and has used all the resources to better herself. She has come along way from the first time she got into the FEST program. She is now able to pay her bills on time, has food security without FoodShare, and has a job she loves to go to,” Cory reports.

Keysha is now financially self-sufficient and has a job that she loves. The efforts she made toward changing her situation have given her the time and space to plan for the future. Next step: law school.

Upon reflection of her time in FSET, she took the time to write a message to Cory: “It is with great appreciation, joy, and gratitude that I write to you today to let you know that, because of you, my life has become so much richer in joy, maturity, patience, self-confidence, self-care, and respect for the work of others.”

Keysha benefitted from the following programs:

FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET)