Kristin Has A Job She Loves

When we start working on our own personal development, we can outgrow certain aspects of our lives. This was the dilemma Kristin was facing as she recently re-approached our office doors. Nevertheless, she had experienced the great things our FoodShare Employment Training (FSET) program could do and walked through our doors confident that she could find a better job.

When Kristin came to us previously, she wanted to earn her GED. With her case manager Morgan’s network of resources, Kristin earned her GED through our local partner ADVOCAP’s GED program. Morgan knew that a teacher from ADVOCAP stopped by our office each week to help any students who were looking to get their GED. Kristin quickly jumped at this opportunity, and within a few months, she was earning her GED.

This GED opened new doors of opportunity, and this time around, she hoped to find a career she loved, not just one that paid the bills. Kristin reached out to her former FSET case manager Morgan, and the two met so Kristin could re-enroll in FSET and get the ball rolling again.

Kristin sat down with Morgan again to discuss her new options. Kristin wanted to go back to school for Business Management or CNA, but she still wanted to work part-time. Morgan knew that Fox Valley Technically College offered several great programs that would be perfect for Kristin, but she needed a second option. Morgan connected Kristin to our Job Developer, Angie, who has several connections to local hiring employers. The three met and helped Kristin decide on a career path that actually gave her joy.

Kristin loves helping people and dreamed of getting her CNA license. Job Developer Angie had heard that Evergreen Assisted Living offered a CNA program that would give Kristin the education and paid work experience that she was looking for. It was right up Kristin’s alley, and she quickly applied.

To seal the deal, Angie contacted the HR department at Evergreen to get Kristin on the list for their next CNA class and to keep an eye out for Kristin’s application. Within a short period, Kristin had an interview and landed the job as their newest Resident Assistant.  Kristin was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to start class!

Kristin was going to need some help with clothing for her new job, however, so Morgan obtained a voucher to The Uniform Outlet so Kristin could get a few new sets of scrubs and a voucher for Rogan’s to get a new pair of work shoes. Morgan also provided several gas vouchers for Kristin’s commute.

Today, Kristin continues to work on her CNA license and is a wonderful Resident Assistant at Evergreen Assisted Living. As she works on her license, she knows that she has the support of her FSC team to help her with whatever she needs.

Congrats Kristin! You are truly a success story! Keep striving towards your dream!


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