LaTasha Chooses Success

If you’ve ever tracked a package, you know the delivery date depends on where it’s coming from and where it stops along the way. LaTasha had a bumpy start to her journey, and she almost lost everything before she made it back on track. After she did, she got the best news of her life: she was going to be a mother. She was happier than ever, and she joined Wisconsin Works to make sure nothing would ever derail her again. Now she’s on track to deliver her family the life they deserve!

“After I was accepted into the program, I was offered a great opportunity to become certified in Logistics,” LaTasha explains. Our Logistics Professionals course teaches how to coordinate complex operations like delivering products to their destinations. LaTasha’s analytical nature and eye for detail made her a great candidate, and she couldn’t wait to get started.

“After having my daughter, I knew I wanted to give her the world,” she says. “I knew this would be a great start to being able to support my family.” Today, she’s earned two logistics certifications and is more eager for life than ever before. Just as she got started with her job search, however, she got another piece of unexpected news: a second child!

“This will be my second blessing, when I thought I couldn’t have any,” she says. “You can only imagine how excited I am!” LaTasha defines success as setting and achieving goals, living comfortably, and being happy with life. “Success and a life of happiness are yours for the choosing,” she says.  “Today I stand successful and proud as a . . . mother with two certifications in logistics.”

LaTasha plans to pursue a career in logistics after her second child is born and will be staying with W-2 to keep her family on the great path they’ve started on. Congratulations, LaTasha!

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