Meagan’s Ticket to Success!

Meagan had been looking for a way to channel her desire to care for others into a meaningful career and “to get everything started.” She says that FSET helped her make this happen so she could “start working towards building a career.”

With her compassion and commitment to others, Meagan was an ideal fit for an upcoming caregiver training class. But with no car and no money, she worried she’d miss out on this chance of a lifetime. Our FSET staff quickly helped her out with gas and cab vouchers. With her biggest concern taken care of, Meagan was eager to get started in healthcare.

After a 2-week hands-on training course that included CPR and first aid, she graduated. Meagan came to a graduate networking session and was immediately offered a job with Our House Senior Living. She says that the training certificates gave her a big “head start” in the field, so she could begin working right away. She plans to use this job as the first step toward becoming a registered nurse.

Meagan insists that the FSET program helped her “tremendously! I’m finally doing what I love, and it makes me so happy.” Congratulations, Meagan! We can’t wait to see you achieve your dreams.