Meet Jacki

Imagine we’re on a boat, Jacki told us when she first enrolled in the WIA (now WIOA) program in 2015. The “recession hits and our boat sinks. Some go down with the boat, others are strong enough to swim to shore. Those who are like me, cling to waterlogged pieces of wreckage from the boat.” While others made it out, Jacki said, they always seemed to miss her. “But there is a rescue boat coming my way,” she said, with a special training program.

After seeing Jacki’s determination to get out of the water, Karli, one of our Career Service Specialists, knew that she had the drive to make it in the intensive machine tool-CNC training from Northcentral Technical College funded by the Northcentral Wisconsin Workforce Development Board. After qualifying for the program, they worked together to make sure she got enrolled and assessed in time to start the class.

Every day for five months, Jacki demonstrated her perseverance and enthusiasm. This didn’t stop after graduation as she threw herself into creating an irresistible resume, sharpening her interviewing skills, and getting ready for a new career. She attended an event with her fellow grads and eight different employers looking to hire shortly after finishing the training. She nailed her interview and was working full time a month later making $17/hour! Karli said Jacki is “one of the best examples of what makes my job as a Case Manager so rewarding”

We feel so fortunate to see her success and tell her story. Best of all, we have an opportunity for others to enjoy the same triumph as we’re recruiting for a machine tool/CNC (computer-numerical control) training course. This 5-month training was designed for adults to get the skills for entry level positions leading to a career as a CNC Operator, CNC Programmer, Machine Operator, or Machinist. Participants must be eligible for the WIOA program, which includes financial limits. Anyone interested can attend information sessions:


  • Marathon County Job Center in Wausau on Friday, January 15, at 1:00 pm or Tuesday, January 19, at 4:00 pm.
  • Steven Points Library on Wednesday, January 20, at 2:00
  • Antigo on Tuesday, January 19, at 4:00 at the NTC campus at 312 Forrest Ave.
  • Wisconsin Rapids Job Center on Thursday, January 14, at 3:00


Contact Amy Hoppa at (715) 803-6667 for more information.