Meet Vanessa

When Vanessa made the decision to move to Wisconsin from Virginia, she knew it would be a tough transition, but it was what was best for her and her children. After arriving in her new home, she went to work figuring out her next steps. She volunteered to be in FSET this summer after hearing about the services available.  Vanessa worked with staff to develop a plan to get her ready for work, including finding childcare, transportation assistance, and creating a resume that would get her hired.  Not long after enrolling, she jumped at the opportunity to volunteer at a local St. Vincent de Paul store through a work experience. The staff there saw how motivated and well she fit in, and they offered her a job! She worked with staff in FSET and Wisconsin Works to get her childcare secured so she was able to accept the job knowing she can always get to work. She continues to work with us as she purchases a vehicle, and said the staff has “supported me all the way until I accomplished my goals. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know where I would be.”

Congratulations Vanessa, we are excited to see where you go next!

If you want to learn more about the programs that helped Vanessa, check out our FSET and Wisconsin Works Pages!