Miguel’s in Charge of his Future

“With a family – three kids – I have a strong future,” says Miguel. He’s a TrANS graduate who earned a union position with Dane County Contracting before he even completed the program. This career has changed everything for Miguel, who tells us “I no longer have any financial pressures or worries.”

Before, Miguel had a full-time job, but he didn’t have the educational background that could advance him into a supervisory role. “I knew I was an asset, always being asked to train people” says Miguel, but he wasn’t satisfied with the lack of opportunities ahead. “I wanted to be a good provider, and I didn’t see that happening.”

Then a relative told him about the support she’d gotten from TrANS. “She had graduated from the program and was making great money,” says Miguel. Although the first class available was in a neighboring county, Miguel didn’t want to waste any time waiting. He charged ahead, studied hard, networked with industry professionals, and rolled right into CDL training after graduation.

Plus, TrANS connected Miguel with Dane County Contracting. After presenting to the class, their reps could clearly see Miguel’s talent and motivation. They asked to be the first to know when Miguel got his CDL, so they could make him an offer.

“I now have a CDL (the Golden Ticket), a career, a pension, and stability,” states Miguel. “It doesn’t matter the weather, the economy, etc. I know that I am in charge of my future now.”

Congratulations, Miguel!