Nothing Scary Here

When Kristine first enrolled in W-2, the idea of finding a job seemed terrifying and almost impossible. But this woman conquered her fears and now works at one of the scariest places in Wisconsin. While it was hard to make appointments, training, work experience, and take care of her children – she showed that she’s not only able to survive, but thrive. Many staff remarked that they saw her getting stronger every day, dropping her old fears and replacing them with resilience.

She finished the Work Certified program through the Bay Area Workforce Development Board, which only increased her self-confidence. From there, she applied this knowledge to a work experience with Terror on the Fox! She did so well here that it turned into a regular job for her. Cool, right?

But this was a seasonal job, so while working she also went out to find another job as soon as the Terror on the Fox ended. This was something that would have seemed too scary only a few months earlier. Now she used her own network to get a job in a local deli.

Kristine isn’t afraid of much these days. She has realized her great potential and is doing everything to make that happen.

Congratulations Kristine! Keep us posted on your success.