Reilley’s Big Plans

Today we want to introduce Reilley, an Upward Bound student with big plans for her future.

Navigating high school and the journey into adulthood is challenging. As a first-generation college-bound student, Reilley tells us that Upward Bound provided the guidance that has made her college dreams a reality. Field trips to college campuses and events showed her what was possible, while the help in managing time, taking the ACT, and balancing her many extracurricular activities with her schoolwork kept her focused.

Reilley says, “I am forever grateful for this program and everything it has done for me,” adding that Upward Bound “helped me make college a realistic and achievable goal.”

So, what’s next for Reilley? She graduates from high school this year and is going to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to major in forensic investigation with a laboratory emphasis.

But her plans don’t stop there. After that she wants to work for a police department as blood stain analyst and go to graduate school at the prestigious University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility.

Keep reaching higher Reilley and drop us a line to tell us how college is going.