In consideration of my association with Forward Service Corporation (FSC), I hereby give my consent for FSC to photograph, video record, use a written statement, and voice record me and/or the organization where I am employed.

I understand that the term “photograph” as used herein encompasses both still photographs and motion picture and video footage. I also understand the term “video” will encompass such elements as, but not inclusive of, voice and still images.

I consent to the use of some or all photographs, videos, written statements, and/or voice recordings to further Forward Service Corporation involvements in community/volunteer initiatives, for use in videos, in press releases, in print outreach collateral, in email outreach, for use on Forward Service Corporation’s website and social media sites, or for other business purposes. This includes providing images and details to funding sources of FSC programs.

I further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by Forward Service Corporation to reproduce and use in all domestic and foreign areas. I hereby release FSC and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, officers, agents, employees and customers from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

I have read and understood the following statements about my rights:

  • I may revoke this authorization at any time by notifying Forward Service Corporation in writing, but the revocation will not have any effect on any actions the company took before it receive the revocation.
  • This release remains in effect indefinitely unless revoked by me.

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