Saychia’s Team Has Her Covered

Saychia's Team Has Her Covered

Saychia has the biggest heart and loves helping people, so there was no doubt that she knew she wanted to be a nurse. When she decided to take the steps toward her dream and enroll in NWTC’s nursing program, expenses quickly started to pile up and cast a huge burden on her finances. Being a single mother, Saychia began to doubt if she could make it through school while still providing for her family.

Refusing to give up her dream just yet, she set up an appointment to talk with her advisor to discuss her options. That is when she discovered our office. She had learned from her advisor that our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program supports people while they achieve their career goals, and she excitedly enrolled.

Once enrolled, Saychia’s nursing dream became more realistic. Funds from the WIOA program were able to cover her tuition, books, reimburse her for mileage for driving to and from school, and helped pay her license fee. She even had help finding a hotel to stay in when she had clinical practice that were two and half hours away from home. Through any bump in the road, her WIOA Career Services Specialist, Ilia, was there to keep her on track.

One morning, in the dead of winter, Saychia was having some major car issues that prevented her from going to school. The heater on her car gave out and she’d gotten into an accident out on the road. Thankfully everyone was okay, but Saychia was still left with a hefty car repair and was worried how she would manage with everything else she had going on. She leaned on her Career Services specialist, Ilia, and with WIOA funds, was able to help pay the deductible to have Saychia’s car repaired.

Having the weight of these major unexpected expenses lifted from her shoulders made it so much easier for Saychia to concentrate on her dream and take care of her little one. So much so that Saychia sailed through her nursing program, and some instructors went as far to say that she “was one of the best students attending the clinical practice at several sites.

We’re thrilled to share that all of Saychia’s hard work has paid off! She graduated this past December, completed her RN training, and even passed her NCLEX exam on her very first try! She now has a good stable job helping her community with a work schedule that allows her to spend a lot more quality time with her daughter. Looking ahead, Saychia plans to enroll in a new training and continues to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in nursing!

Congratulations, Saychia! We’re so excited for you to start your next chapter! 

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