UB Siren Information Disclosure Parent

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I voluntarily authorize and request disclosure (including paper, oral, and electronic interchange) of all education records and other information directly or indirectly related to my/my child's education and career development. This includes specific permission to release:

  • Progress records, including office student academic/administrative records (identifying information, grade level completed, grades, class rank, attendance records, and group aptitude and achievement test results)
  • Medical and/or related health records
  • Psychological evaluations or social work reports
  • Law enforcement records
  • Multidisciplinary team evaluations and related reports
  • Individual education programs
  • Participation in free/reduced lunch program
  • Behavioral records
  • National Student Clearinghouse data for enrollment verification and tracking purposes

Upward Bound Program:  

TO WHOM: Forward Service Corporation employees assigned to the Upward Bound program.

PURPOSE: To determine Upward Bound program eligibility, to develop and implement an Upward Bound program plan, and to evaluate progress in the program for the student named above.

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