Steering Toward the Future

Dylan knew that moving forward meant getting an education. He joined WIOA to make it happen. This spring, he has a diploma in-hand and is starting a job that puts him straight on the path to success!

Last October, Dylan enrolled in WIOA and immediately met with his Career Services Specialist, Alison. He wanted to learn more about mechanics but needed a boost to get his education started. They got to work planning. WIOA helped fund his enrollment at the NWTC-Marinette Campus. The extra support team motivated him to study hard, and he earned his GED just as the snow was starting to pile up.

While his diploma was still hot off the printers, Dylan decided that now would be the time to start a career. He worked closely with his WIOA team to find work that would steer him toward mechanics and was recently offered an exciting full-time position at Waupaca Foundry. He’s considering enrolling Automotive Technician program this Fall, and can’t wait to learn more every day.

Congratulations, Dylan!