Strong Family, New Life

Stacy has brought her family to new life with the help of Wisconsin Works, and she wants you to know how! Call 920-292-1330 to learn how we can help you get a family-supporting job today!

Today, Stacy comes home each day to the children she adores safely playing at their own home. She is studying for her second year in college and glows with happiness when she talks about her new job as an HR Administrative Assistant. Stacy says that Wisconsin Works was the key to bringing her family from virtually nothing to a new life.

“If it wasn’t for the positive support and encouragement of the [FSC] staff, I never would have made it,” she insists. They supported her throughout her job search, helping her revamp her resume and perfect her cover letters. “Another thing that was an amazing help was the networking that I encountered. There are job leads that no one else can give you and recommendations by their staff that can open any door.”

Stacy soon found transportation and job opportunities that worked with her school schedule. Wisconsin Works helped her get an “invaluable” internship with a county agency, and she decided to begin college to help get her family get on the path a better future.

Stacy says that getting a job in her major confirmed that HR is definitely where her passion lies. “I couldn’t be happier!” she beams. “I won’t say it comes in an instant, because all good things take time. But with achievable and realistic goals set, you can make anything happen as long as you really want it.”

Congratulations, Stacy!