Summer Explorer, Winter Success

Bessie was a month away from graduating. While the future looked bright, she couldn’t help but have the all-important question: “what next?” That’s when she remembered that the WIOA program she was on as a teenager could now help her explore careers as an adult. After securing a summer internship, she not only learned new skills, but also discovered a long-term career path that she’s excited about.

It all started by discussing her interests with Tricia, her Career Services Specialist. Bessie wanted to learn how she could apply her degree to other fields, especially helping people. They decided that a Marketing Internship at The Neighbors’ Place might be just the thing.

Over the summer, Bessie learned how to use her talents in the non-profit world. She planned fundraisers, connected with local businesses, and made a personal impact on the people she served every day. Before long, the local Chamber of Commerce offered her a second internship. Bessie finally felt like she knew how to use her skills to make a lasting change for others.

Bessie decided to start a career as a full-time trainer with Footlocker and absolutely loves her job. She helps people build confidence and skills for their own careers, and her supervisors are duly impressed. Plus, she decided to start online classes to earn a Bachelor’s in Communications. Thanks to a little exploration and some great support from WIOA, she says that she’s excited to see the path to a long-term career. Congratulations, Bessie!