Thankful Rachel

As we approach the holiday season, Rachel is the first to tell you that she has much to be thankful for this year: exciting career prospects, her independence, and a job that lets her “pay my bills, provide for my family, and be the mommy that my daughter needs and deserves.”

As Rachel points out, her life is very different now than last year and her journey hasn’t been easy by any means. She focuses every day on maintaining her sobriety for herself and her daughter and, with FSC’s help, she’s also rediscovered “a light in me that I had thought died out.”

These last few months have been a whirlwind of accomplishments for her. She took and passed a driver’s ed class so she could get her license – which she did. Things really started to change when she started work experience with a local nursing home, where she planned to earn her CNA.

Then came the opportunity of a lifetime: AmeriCorps offered a yearlong position as a Recovery Coach. This has been Rachel’s passion since coming into W-2 so she can pay it forward and help other people overcome alcohol and drug issues on their way to a sober life. AmeriCorps not only pays her, but provide money for college. Her dream is to use this money and experience from this job to go back to school to become a drug and alcohol counselor.

Congratulations Rachel! Your hard work and determination have truly paid off and your light is ready to shine.