The Logic Behind Justin’s Path to Logistics

Becoming a new father is itself worthy of congratulations. But with fatherhood comes a new set of responsibilities, and this is where Justin found himself. Despite his determination, a chronic medical condition prevented him from sustaining long-term employment.

He knew he had to reposition himself.

Financial Assistance

Justin’s goal was clear: he needed a less physically demanding job for the long-term, with benefits and a 401K. However, with a new baby in the home, he wanted to prepare for new opportunities without continuing to hop from job to job. They needed financial assistance.

His search for a new job led him to Forward Service Corporation and the Wisconsin Works (W-2) program. The caseworker interviewed Justin about his immediate needs and long-term goals. He was quickly connected with the necessary financial assistance so that he could focus on transitioning to a new career.

Designing His Dream Job

Justin wanted to transition to a job in logistics. It would provide him with long-term employment and a new challenge that also met his needs. He was delighted to hear that Wisconsin Works offers specific logistics training, and his caseworker helped to enroll him in the course.

He zipped through the prerequisite exam and invested himself in the course, showing up for each lesson with trademark enthusiasm. When the logistics certification exams came around, he passed with flying colors!

Hard Work for Good Work

Once Justin completed the logistics training, he worked closely with a Job Developer at Forward Service Corporation. They met weekly to discuss job leads, applications, and best interview practices. Together, they even found an opportunity at a local logistics company for Justin to shadow an employee to better understand the details of the job.

He was determined to succeed and sought further educational opportunities. Online courses guided his professional development and employment search. Every moment he wasn’t with his family, he focused on preparing himself for employment and career success.

Fruits of His Labor

Very quickly, Justin received a job offer from one of his interviews. They were impressed by his positive attitude and eagerness to learn. It pays well and offers full-time work – with overtime!

Justin feels grateful and relieved to be able to better provide for his growing family. He credits the logistics training and Forward Service Corporation staff with his success, but really, it was his own enthusiasm and motivation that made it happen. Justin is a role model for us all.

Congratulations, Justin!

Justin Benefitted from the Following Programs: