The Power of Potential

Roberta made an important discovery when she joined FSET and Wisconsin Works: she found the power to unleash her potential. Within just three weeks, Roberta has a great job, a plan for the future, and confidence that her family is off to a great start.

The pieces of her life came together quickly through hard work and dedication. While discussing possible careers with staff, Roberta soon realized that she wanted to explore a career in nursing. They helped her create a plan to find work that supported her family and focus on a long-term career goal with education and training. Staff enrolled her in two training courses that got her the skills she needed to get a job now.

Before she knew it, Roberta got three job offers! She was able to pick the best job for herself and is amazed by how much life has improved in this short time. “I now feel great about myself…I wake up earlier and I feel more positive,” says Roberta. “Working with FSET and W-2 has helped me so much – it’s like working with one big family. They were welcoming and supportive.”

Roberta plans to continue working with us as she pursues her CNA license, and we could not be happier. Great job, Roberta!