The Road Trip

Today, we’d like to share a story from the mouth of one of our TrANS graduates during Friday’s ceremony. Three of these eight graduates have already found employment, and the rest are interviewing and ready to begin lifelong careers in construction. Jose’s words offer the encouragement and hope we have for each person who journeys with us:

I see life as a road trip – one we must travel in order to reach that final destination. On that road is our history. Along the way, there have been places we’ve been to and people we’ve met that sometimes, we wish we could forget, but without them we wouldn’t be the better person we are today. Then there are those we wish could still be here to finish our journey with us. They’re the ones we will never forget and who we aim to make proud. The good people we’ve come across who have stayed with us thru the long nights became our copilots, and at times when we got too exhausted and too broken to continue onward, became our drivers. It is because of them we got the rest we needed and the motivation to keep on truckin’.

For me, my travels have had some major crashes and lots of fender benders, as I’m pretty sure yours have as well. Thank goodness we’re still here. We all know, as travelers, this road will always have construction zones and detours to deal with, not to mention those dang speed traps. So slow down, we’ll get there. We just have to be prepared at all times. With that being said, this is how I continue on in my road trip of life. . . I drive with no rear view mirror to see my past because the road ahead is far too intriguing to ever look back again.

I would like to say thanks to Forward Service Corp, Jennifer M., and most of all Lorie for giving me the opportunity and seeing something in me to be a part of the TrANS program. I hope what I accomplished so far made you proud.

I can honestly say this is one Road Construction Zone I was happy to pass thru.


Thank you, Jose! We are proud to be part of your journey.

Jose, Madison TrANS graduate, June 2016

Jose, Madison TrANS graduate, June 2016