The Steps of Success

Enrolling in FSET straight from prison, Cashmere was determined not to go back, and to be the inspiration his family deserves. He came to us as a man with a plan: get a full-time job and take care of his family. It hasn’t always been easy, but he has made it happen.

Cashmere enrolled in FSET as soon as he was released so he could turn the goals he made in prison into a reality. He wasted no time getting down to work: putting in applications, attending workshops, and responding to any opportunity. The FSET team supported him with transportation assistance, career guidance, and supplying him with any and all job leads. Cashmere and the FSET team were looking at the long-term and trying to get him a spot with some growth opportunity. He knew it would take some hard work, but he’s definitely not afraid of that!

Before he knew it, he got his shot at a career when Quad Graphics gave him a call back about his application. Today, he is working full-time as a Material Handler with a great wage and full benefits. Now able to provide for his loved ones, the next step was clear: he got married to the love of his life. They are now looking for a home together and are so grateful for everything FSET has done to help their family succeed.

Congratulations, Cashmere!