Tomah High School JAG Ceremony

In her speech as the incoming JAG Career Association President, Haley told her fellow JAG students “that it doesn’t really matter what life you were born into that anybody can be given the chance to change their life and become who they should be and who they want to be in the future.”

On January 13, 40 students gathered in the Tomah High School auditorium to induct their new JAG Career Association officers and welcome a new set of freshmen and sophomores into the program there. JAG, or Jobs for America’s Graduates, help every student realize that they are what makes the difference. As Mike Murray, a staunch JAG supporter and speaker, told them, their potential isn’t going to do anything itself – they have to make it work.

With a 100% graduation rate over the last two years, the Tomah JAG program has helped students plan for their future after high school. They have gone on to college and jobs and made themselves real contributors in their communities.

We had a special treat when Heather Armstrong, an anchor for WXOW, not only interviewed JAG students, but also presented Mike Murray with a Jefferson Award for his public service.

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