Tommy Fast Tracks

Tommy | FSET Story Spotlight

Sometimes things happen fast. After spending time in incarceration, Tommy was released and was immediately enrolled in FoodShare and the FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) program, it’s employment service counterpart.

Like many people released, he was in transitional living when he first met with his FSET Case Manager, Melissa Wing in our Waushara office. He was looking for housing and transportation, and knew he needed to make employment his main goal to support both. He was even more determined, since he also had a child.

To start his employment journey, he sought assistance with creating a resume and job searching. Melissa worked with him to complete a Career Assessment to see which jobs he might want to apply for—however, within the first days of program enrollment, he received and accepted a job offer.

But that wasn’t it for FSET. After someone gets a job, the program continues to offer retention services to ensure that the job is a good fit and that any additional obstacles can be addressed. For instance, Tommy received supportive services that paid for new work clothes like work boots, and transportation assistance in the form of gas vouchers to make sure he could get to and from work without an issue.

FSET retention services last for 90 days after a person accepts their position. After two months, Tommy found himself stable enough to purchase his own vehicle. This allowed him to widen his horizons in search for housing.

The secret to Tommy’s success? Melissa says, “[he is] hardworking, driven, and willing to learn.”

Tommy also utilized our financial education service and worked with Melissa to set a budget to begin to save for housing and managing a household. His new main goal is to create a permanent home for him and his child.

Whenever he needed help, he reached out to ask for it. He found quick success through FSET, and has become an essential resource for others who need help.

If you’re in a similar situation to Tommy, find assistance with our FSET program.