Welcome to the Upward Bound digital signature forms. You can fill out and sign these forms online and the completed forms are sent to you and the Upward Bound staff.

Here are some quick instructions for using these forms:

  1. Click on the form you want to fill out. Each form opens in a new tab or window.
  2. Each field is marked with the needed information. If you are not sure what to enter, contact Upward Bound staff or reach out through the Contact Us page of this website.
  3. All fields marked with a red asterisk * are required. You will not  be able to submit and sign a form without providing information for this field. You will get an error message if any required fields are not filled in; go back and provide the information and you can submit normally.
  4. Once you have the form completed, scroll to the bottom and press the “Submit” button.
  5. After clicking “Submit,” it will change to “Processing.” It is taking the information and putting it into a form for your digital signature. Be patient – depending on the form and your connection, this procedure may take up to 1 minute. The main Upward Bound Application takes the longest because of the amount of information being processed.
  6. A document will appear on the same page. A field on that form will have a blue arrow with “Sign Here” on a line. Depending on the form, you may need to scroll down to see this field.
  7. Click in this box and you can:
    1. Sign using a computer mouse or your finger on a mobile device; or
    2. Click on “Type in Signature,” which will populate with a signature in script.
  8. After adding your signature, click on “Adopt and Sign.”
  9. Last Step: this will highlight a box in the lower right hand corner that says “Agree and Sign.” Click on this and it will submit your digitally signed document. Copies will be sent to you and the Upward Bound program staff. You also have the options or saving this document as a PDF and/or printing it for your records.


Upward Bound Application

Upward Bound Income Verification

Upward Bound First Generation College Student Verification

Upward Bound Information Disclosure Form

Upward Bound Contract Agreement – Student Signature

Upward Bound Contract Agreement – Parent Signature

Upward Bound Parent Survey

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