Yeralyz Discovers Her New Path

Shortly after having her second child, Yeralyz discovered that she needed surgery. She’d planned to join Wisconsin Works (W-2) for support during maternity leave, but this was a game-changer. Suddenly, Yeralyz had a list of medical restrictions, and she had to put her education and career on hold. Thankfully, although it shook her up a bit, Yeralyz knew that her FSC team could help her figure it out.

When she first got the news about her health, Yeralyz wanted to know what she could still do. She couldn’t work as a bank teller anymore. She had to stop pursuing her HR degree. It seemed that her options were getting more and more limited.

Yeralyz regained her footing by joining both W-2 and FSET. She credits her W-2 case manager Tessa, her Job Developer Craig, and her FSET Case Manager Jaclynn for their care and helpful job leads as she adjusted to the new normal.

Yeralyz explored her interests, discovered how to turn her love for children into a viable career, and regained her confidence through our Office Professionals course. Yeralyz found that she was still a helpful teammate and could handle a workload, even with her new hurdles. She also realized that she could still pursue her HR degree in the future.

Today, Yeralyz has earned a position with KinderCare, working as an Assistant Teacher! She loves that she can bring her children to the daycare with her, and says it’s helped build her back up “with everything that’s gone on recently.” Yeralyz eventually hopes to go back to school to continue her education, and she’ll do all she can to stay healthy in the meantime.

Congratulations, Yeralyz!