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Parents only want the best for their children, whether they live full time with them or not. Doing this is hard when a parent can’t make ends meet.

Our team of Child Support Liaisons (CSLs) can help you connect non-custodial parents (NCPs) with services specifically for parents who need family-supportive jobs and community support.

To offer better information security, we are no longer taking referrals through this website and will transition to another system in the near future. Please send any referrals using encrypted email to

We can help you with

You’ll connect directly with a Child Support Liaison. This resource is your go-between to help communicate with clients and get them in touch with essential community services. These services range from employment and training programs to housing assistance and parenting courses.

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Finding Family-Supportive Jobs

Our extensive network is dedicated to helping parents find and keep family-supportive jobs.

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Keeping You Informed

We communicate consistently about each parent’s progress.


Answering Questions

Our experts are ready to answer parents’ questions about community agencies.


Navigating to Resources

We provide a warm hand-off to community services specific to each parent’s needs.

Just the FAQs

What is the typical process for a non-custodial parent (NCP) referral from a Child Support Agency?

  1. The Child Support Agency sends a referral to the Child Support Liaison (CSL).
  2. The CSL tries to make contact with the non-custodial parent (NCP), within 2 business days.
  3. The CSL works with the NCP to determine what they are interested in. Then we work to connect that parent with a work program that fits their needs.

Where do you offer Child Support Liaison services for non-custodial parents?

Our Child Support Liaisons provide connections across all counties where FSC provides Wisconsin Works.  If a non-custodial parent is referred to us and they live outside our W-2 service area, we will work to connect them with a liaison in another agency.

What kind of follow-up will our agency receive on our referrals?

Our Child Support Liaisons will stay in regular communication with your agency regarding every referral.

Our liaisons will provide a written update once a month, at minimum. If you’d like more frequent updates, please let our team know. We’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

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