Get Back in the Driver’s Seat

Reliable transportation is key for having a career. After all, you shouldn’t have to pass up your dream job because you can’t find a way to get there. Our transportation programs help low-income individuals with no-interest vehicle purchase loans, repair loans, and driver’s license recovery so they can get to work.


WETAP provides no-interest vehicle repair and purchase loans across our service area.

Job Access Loan

Job Access Loans (JAL) are short-term, no-interest loans of up to $1600 to help you get and keep a job, including vehicle repairs and down payments for a car.

Other Programs that Can Help

These programs can offer transportation assistance for enrolled and eligible participants.


Do you get FoodShare? Then FSET can help you get transportation vouchers to help you find and keep a good job.

Wisconsin Works

Wisconsin Works helps parents support their families while looking for work or applying for Social Security.


WIOA helps job seekers train for careers in local demand industries, with supportive services like driver’s license restoration and transportation vouchers.

Looking for something else?

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Career Seeking

Find a career and build your skills to be successful in today’s workforce.

family support-2-100

Family Support

Get resources to support your family.


Education and Training

Career training and academic resources for people of all ages.

financial help-100

Financial Help

Get cash for housing, education, transportation, career, or family.