World of Work Inventory (WOWI)

Search with Confidence

The World of Work Inventory, or WOWI, provides a wealth of data about your interests, skills, and values. Combined with your Forward Service Corporation team’s experience, this is a great way to target a career you’ll love. This video series explains more about what the WOWI is, how to take it, and how we can use it to craft your ideal career search.

Introducing the WOWI

Have you heard your Forward Service Corporation team talking about “the WOWI”? Yep, it sounds like “wow-ee,” and it is pretty cool. Learn what this assessment is and how it can help you explore your career potential.

How to take the WOWI

This short video shows what it’s like to take the WOWI career assessment while exploring careers with Forward Service Corporation.

My WOWI Results

This short video explains how your WOWI assessment results will be organized, what the different sections are, and how your Forward Service Corporation team will help you use them to make the most of your career search.