Our Story

Our Mission
Helping individuals realize a larger sense of possibility about the person they can become.

A caring team

Forward Service Corporation is a team of dedicated, caring professionals working to help our clients reach their dreams. We do this with employment, training, support, case management, and other services that lead to a more prosperous future.

We meet every client where they are and ask them to share their dreams with us. We then help them create a map to realizing them. Whether a dream is big or small, each is important to us and treated with the care and attention it deserves.

A Community Partner

Our corporate office may be in Madison, but our team members are parts of communities throughout the state of Wisconsin. They serve on school boards, employer groups, and many other civic groups to improve life for our friends and neighbors. We also work with partners in towns and cities across our service area to help our clients realize their dreams.

A Business Partner

We work with businesses across the state to help our clients launch new careers in a number of different industries. Our training prepares people with real-world skills that can be used on the job. We also talk with employers to understand their changing needs, so we can help our participants get the skills and knowledge they need at work.

Serving Wisconsin

FSC is spread throughout 51 Wisconsin counties, with headquarters in Madison.

Are you looking for help?

We operate different programs to provide the specific care and attention you need to thrive. Learn more by exploring the services below:

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Find a career and build your skills to be successful in today’s workforce.


Education and Training

Career training and academic resources for people of all ages.

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Family Support

Get resources to support your family.

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Financial Help

Get cash for housing, education, transportation, career, or family.



Get the transportation you need for the job you want.

Our Impact Code

We will embrace every day as a new day.

Every day is a new beginning, a new set of challenges and an opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

We will be just.

Everyone has value; everyone deserves a chance at independence, so everyone will have a clean slate and we will treat everyone equally and fairly.

We will be students.

Every experience will make us wiser and better at what we do; we will continually be engaged in learning and use that knowledge to move forward.

We will reside only in the present and future.

The world does not stand still, nor will we. We will not resist change; we will be exhilarated by it. The value of the past lies only in what it has taught us. Our greatest treasure is our potential. We are nourished by thinking about what can be done.

We will be innovative.

Our participants can make us better if we let them, but we must first understand them. We can find a solution or create one, but if our solution does not make our participants’ lives better, it will not make us better.

We will never stop questioning.

Nothing can be sacred except for our mission. To be challenged is not to be criticized; it is to be invited into the process of innovation.

We will be truthful.

We cannot succeed without the trust of our participants and society.

We will be for everyone.

To be our participant, people need only the will to be independent. Though we welcome everyone, we will have the courage to accept that not everyone will hear the call, and we will remain true to our mission.

We will be pioneers.

We have competitors, not enemies. We are not here to destroy or conquer, we are here to create. We come offering a choice.

We will never be finished.

Every participant will have their own hunger for independence and challenges in achieving it. We will be there for them as new then as we are today.

Want to get involved?

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Join Us

If you’re from a community agency or employer, you can help us change lives.


Build Your Workforce

We work with employers in all aspects of workforce development.


Refer a Friend

Help your friend, client or family member by getting them in touch with our services.

Our Partners

Thank you for your support! You make our mission to change lives possible.