Taylor Fixes Up A Future

Taylor Fixes Up A Future

Taylor is a country girl at heart and dreamed of speeding down the dusty backroads in her own side-by-side go kart. In that dream, she owned a small house with a big garage and a big yard, with a little family to call her own, along with all sorts of animals like a donkey, a few chickens, dogs, cows, and goats. All she needed to make these dreams come true was to find a career she was passionate about.

With high school coming to an end soon, Taylor wanted to ensure that she explored every option that might enable her to achieve her dreams. She had a knack at fixing cars and customizing them to her liking. She figured that being a mechanic would blend both her hobbies and her passions together while giving her the flexibility to enjoy time out riding.

Taylor’s school guidance counselor recommended that she check out our programs to help navigate which college or career path would be the best to start becoming a mechanic.

Right after graduation, Taylor met with our Career Services Specialist, Kathy, who enrolled her in our Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) program. Once enrolled, Kathy helped Taylor enroll at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, register for classes, and apply for financial aid. Enrolling in WIOA also helped Taylor pay for books and a toolkit, reimburse her on mileage, and finance her tuition.

While going through school, Taylor and Kathy developed a budget to help her stay on track. They also discussed how credit worked, so when the time was right, she’d be ready to apply for a mortgage.  Kathy helped Taylor find a flexible part-time job as a lube technician at a car dealership so she could practice her new skills outside school hours.

As Taylor progressed through the program, she strengthened her skills and expanded her network. She participated in several volunteering activities, including our Bell Ringing for Salvation Army event and our Animal Shelter Donation Drive. Making new connections helped her come out of her shell and grow as an individual.

In no time, Taylor completed her program with a 3.4 GPA, earning her an impressive associate degree in Automotive Technology. She was then promoted to Service Advisor at the car dealership and is loving her new challenge!

“Taylor always excels at everything she does,” says Kathy. “She looks out for her fellow classmates and co-workers. She has even taken on leadership roles while in school and now as a full-time Service Advisor! She has the best positive can-do attitude.”

Congratulations, Taylor! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to see your mechanic career zoom!

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