Alison’s Graduation!

We’ve all seen this classic exercise – “Take this egg and try not to crack it today. That egg is your baby.” Maybe you even got a doll to take home that woke you up a few times in the middle of the night, so you pressed the button to make it quiet. Alison can tell you, though – that’s nothing like the real thing – and parenting is one of the most intense learning experiences you can have. We are thrilled to tell you that Alison has learned a lot about how to be a mom, while also earning her high school diploma at the same time!

As soon as Alison had her child, the Wisconsin Works program was there to help her support her baby and adjust to her new life as a parent. Alison talked with Sara, her case manager, about how much she wanted to finish school, but how difficult it was with a newborn. Alison soon learned about the Teenage Parent Program, which provided one-on-one tutoring to help her balance her school requirements with motherhood. Sara also counseled Alison about her long-term goals after graduation, as well as helping her with transportation and other resources while she earned her diploma.

A newly minted high school graduate, Alison is still working with Sara to unleash her potential. She’s exploring her possibilities and is looking for a start in restaurants. Eventually, Alison hopes to move into a call center career, where she can enjoy great family benefits and perks like education reimbursement. Now that high school is done, however, Alison can also finally enjoy some quality time with baby. Congratulations!

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