Isaiah’s Success

After a lifetime in Africa, Isaiah immigrated to in Wisconsin in the dead of winter. He spent three months trying to get off the ground, but adjusting to a completely new country had challenges he never anticipated. He started looking for resources and found FSC. Six months later, and he’s ready to call Wisconsin his home.

Isaiah had three goals: find a home, get a car, and start a career. Since we met him, he’s checked these off one-by-one. Isaiah started by learning the basics with his FSC team – things like navigating the city, finding resources, and figuring out how to use public transportation. Soon, he found a place to live. Before long, he started studying for his driver’s test. His readiness to learn stood out to his team, and they asked if he’d be interested in learning construction. He eagerly accepted the challenge.

TrANS is an intense six-week training course, but Isaiah had to learn even more than the typical student to graduate. His FSC team tutored him on things like measurements and the US money system so he could pass the Accuplacer test by the end of the course. They also walked through the application process with him. “I managed to overcome my challenges by working hard and completing tasks ahead of time,” Isaiah tells us.

His hard work was swiftly rewarded. The day after he applied, Isaiah was offered a job with Maly Roofing. The same week, Isaiah passed his driver’s test and bought a car!

“He’s enjoying everything he is learning about roofing and is happy that he finished the TrANS program,” says Lorie, Isaiah’s TrANS instructor. “I wasn’t sure how long it would take for Isaiah to achieve these goals, but I knew it would happen. What a wonderful success!”

We couldn’t agree more. Congratulations, Isaiah!