Lisa Says: You Can Too!

Lisa devotes herself wholeheartedly to everything she does. When she married and started her family, she set her career aside and focused on being a great mom. She had two children and was pregnant with her third when the unthinkable happened: her beloved husband passed away. Suddenly widowed, and missing the family’s sole provider, she says that she quickly hit rock bottom. But she knew she couldn’t stay there because her family was relying on her.

The first thing Lisa did was reach out for advice. A group on Facebook encouraged her to try Wisconsin Works. Wasting no time, she stopped in at our office to explore her options.

While she has a degree in medical office administration, she didn’t get a chance to use it much before becoming a full-time mom. Our Office Professionals course was exactly what she needed to brush up on her office know-how. Her team helped her arrange necessities like childcare and transportation, so she could succeed during training. They also helped set up a volunteer experience with World Headquarters to get additional hands-on practice in an office environment.

During graduation, she said that she wants others to hear her story, so they know that if she can do it, they can too. “I want people to know that this can happen to anyone,” she said, “but you will be okay.”

Lisa’s baby girl has arrived safely, if a bit early. They’ll be bonding during maternity leave for the upcoming weeks, with welcome support from W-2. She’s looking forward to starting an office career once it’s over, though, and is eager to put her skills to work.

Congratulations, Lisa! We can’t wait to see you and baby in the office soon!